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creating balance….


we believe that life is full of excitement, wonder and awe and that your celebration should be full of that life. we will take your vision and deliver an affair as unique as you are….wherever in the world that may be. we are strong supporters of travel, exploration and a work-life balance. let us create an unforgettable experience for you.


 “balance is not something you find, it’s something you create"


meet rachelle!

Rachelle is a bicoastal event planner with 18 years of experience in event production and hospitality in the states and abroad. She will oversee every detail of your event or exploration to ensure you are fully present and able to entertain or relax without distraction.

After 10 years as the Director of Events for Norwood in New York City, she has currently relocated to Southern California. Her time spent at this creative arts club has broadened her expertise, allowing her to embrace and encourage creativity. Her know-how on both coasts and within several industries have worked in her favor, as she expands on her exploration focus.

When she isn’t planning your next soiree, you will find her in flight to somewhere tropical or swinging from her aerial silks. She truly understands the value of a balanced life and can help add some balance to yours.


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